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Garland Lumber - Forestry

Garland Lumber Co. Inc. works with a number of landowners who have different objectives, ranging from sustainable forestry, wildlife, short term income, long term investment, recreation or a combination of the above. “We look at each client and their property individually and try to match their personal objectives to their land. As a licensed forester I attempt to educate a landowner how to manage their forest wisely.” We work with our surrounding resources UNH Cooperative Extension, NH Division of Forest and Lands, US Forest Service, NH Fish and Game as well as many other agencies and organizations to do the best possible for the client. Karla Allen is a Technical Service Provider and an American Tree Farm Inspector as well. We work with a number of foresters throughout New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts including state and federal foresters.

Forester Fact Sheet by the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension.

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