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"They do a very high quality job and are honest and easy to deal with...Garland's timber, wood and dollar assessment's of various acreages has always been quite accurate and they have paid promptly."

– Van Hertel Sr.

"Karla...I was getting the runaround from other companies. That all changed when I contacted you. I was very impressed with your professionalism, knowledge and dependability. You are definitely a breath of fresh air."

– Nick Calvetti

"I am pleased to recommend Ms. Allen who constructed a comprehensive forest management plan...Karla did an excellent job in appraising this area, and designing an approach that incorporated my objectives of maintaining the property for recreational use, and more importantly its aesthetic appeal."

– Robert Grassi

"We are owners of two woodlots...and have been working with Karla Allen for about 2 years now. I find her efficient and professional and would recommend her services to any landowner thinking of managing their woodlot."

– Al Copertino

"I also appreciate the fact that Garland has all types of logging equipment from old fashioned skidders to the most up to date...all types of logging equipment allows them to do any type of job efficiently, quickly and competitively."

– Van Hertel Sr.

"It is amazing that equipment so large can tiptoe around without the place looking like a war zone. I look forward to your guys coming back next year. Those I talked with speak highly of you personally."

– L.D. Gould

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