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Garland Lumber Co., Inc.

  • Forest Management Plans by an LPF
  • Timber Appraisals & Inventories
  • Timber Harvest Facilitation / Timber Harvesting
  • Land Clearing
  • Tree Farm Inspection
  • Help with Woodland Protection
Garland Lumber Co. Garland Lumber Co.

Garland Lumber Co., Inc. - Excavation Services

  • All types of Earthmoving Equipment
  • Licensed Septic Installation
  • Residential and Commercial Plowing
  • Snow Removal
  • Sand, Gravel and Loam
  • Complete Sitework, Commercial and Residential
Garland Excavation Services Garland Excavation Services

Garland Transportation

  • Trucking various wood products
  • Equipment Transportation
Garland Transportation

Why Hire Garland?

Managing forestland is environmentally the right thing to do and Garland Lumber and Transportation are two reputable companies who are well established with over 45 years worth of professional experience. The capabilities of the Garland Companies are many ranging from working with landowners regarding management plans, facilitating harvest operations and site work of various degrees. Completing our jobs on time in a professional manner is a day to day philosophy we live by. Our number of employees gives us a great support system and the equipment array allows us the ability to meet landowner's objectives. Having our own garage allows us to avoid extended downtime and keep our equipment up to date and in good operating conditions.

Our reputation and growth speaks for itself. We look forward to working with you!

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